Services & Pricing

Comprehensive Consultation for Staging

  • To start, a walk through of your property is essential.  If the property is vacant, it is not necessary for you to be in attendance.  FlyGirl HSR will objectively view your property inside and outside with what I call “buyer’s goggles” … through the eyes of the buyer, but with the FlyGirl Goggles on for extra visualization.
  • We will discuss what changes can be made to your property that will “WOW” the buyer and make the BEST FIRST impression possible.  FlyGirl HSR’s mission is to make the buyer feel a positive emotional connection and enable them to instantly visualize themselves living there in effort to get them to want to make an offer on your property!
  • Pictures and measurements will be taken.
  • A written Professional Proposal will be emailed within 24-48 hours detailing the rooms to transform and the pricing that coordinates.  YOU CHOOSE the “Flying Speed” that best fits your budget and time:
    1. “Full Throttle Speed” – Premium Staging Services
    2. “Cruising Altitude Speed” – Full Staging Services
    3. “About to Land Speed” –  Light Staging Services (This is available for homes greater than 4000 square feet)

Vacant Home Staging – $175

  • A Comprehensive Consultation is required to determine the needs of the property as described above.
  • Pricing varies on needs and square footage of the property as each place is unique.
  • Vacant Home Staging service begins once you have made your choice of “Flying Speeds” of services via the written proposal from the Comprehensive Consultation.
  • Furniture and Accessory rental is good for up to 60 days – This includes delivery, staging, break-down and removal from the property.
  • If needed, monthly rental is available and the monthly rate will be described in detail in the Service Agreement prior to Services.
  • Pictures will be taken of the finished product showcasing your property in its best light and may be used for promotional purposes.
  • NOTE!  FlyGirl HSR carries their own inventory and has a large selection of furniture and accessories that are housed in large warehouse.
  • NOTE!  Vacant Home Staging is CRUCIAL whether you have an 800 square foot condo or a 10,000 square foot house!  It can absolutely make or break time spent on the market and price reductions!

Occupied Home Staging – $250

  • NEW! For two hours, FlyGirl will “Fly” through your home with you and “Stage as we go!”
  • FlyGirl HSR will use as much of your furniture and decor as possible.
  • Should additional furniture and/or decor be needed, FlyGirl HSR has a large inventory of pillows, lamps, accessories and furniture to compliment what you already have for a rental fee.  This will be discussed during the staging process if needed.
  • Pictures may be taken of the finished product showcasing your home in its best light and may be used for promotional purposes (with permission).

Interior Decorating/Redesign or New Design for your Home or Business

  • Whether you need to freshen up your current place or you are moving into your new home or business – FlyGirl HSR can help you create and/or transform it into the place you have always wanted.
  • This service is very different from staging because it is about reflecting YOUR personality and taste.
  • Call Today!

Other Services

  • Model Home Staging for Custom Home Builders and Developers
  • Fixer Upper Staging for the Investor Flipping Properties
  • Personal Shopping for your home or business – you have the budget, but no time
  • Challenging Organizational Situations
  • “Avoidance/Emotional Rooms” (Death of a loved one – Overwhelming clutter situations – Other unique situations)
  • If you need assistance with something that FlyGirl HSR has not listed, please don’t hesitate to call and ask!